Joining PISPWV

Additional Information

How to Apply & Benefits of Membership

PISPWV welcomes membership inquiries from Private Investigators,  Security Professionals, and others who have an interest in following the  profession. We encourage Criminal Justice students to apply for  Associate memberships in order to take advantage of our in-service  training, networking opportunities and exposure to seasoned  investigators. We are a fraternal, not-for-profit organization offering full memberships to licensed Private Investigators and Security Professionals and associate memberships to non-licensed interested  parties. In addition to West Virginia, the Association has members in  Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. PISPWV members are encouraged to  belong to several professional organizations. PISPWV is a member organization to the National Council of Investigative and Security Services.

Membership Benefits

  • Training and Education
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Credibility on Court Testimony
  • Recognition of Achievement
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Mutual assistance and cooperation from others in your profession
  • Access to investigative resources
  • Advertising of Your Business Membership
  • PISPWV Membership Certificate
  • Current Directory of Membership
  • Listing in our Online Membership Directory (with links to your website)
  • Display the PISPWV logo on your business cards, stationary, and website

    The real value comes from participating in the Quarterly Meetings.  Each meeting consists of at least one training topic relevant to  Investigations and one to Security.  Members come from all over the  state and surrounding area to share their expertise and work.

Membership Categories

Annual Membership Dues

Licensed Individual: $60

Licensed Firm: $60 (includes 1 contact)

Employee of Firm: $25

Associate Non-Licensed $20 (no voting rights)

Lifetime Membership: $500 (must be paid by check)    

Memberships coincide with the calendar year.


PISPWV 2020 Application

All membership and Renewals require a signed application whereas you swear to (1) adhere to the PISPWV Code of Conduct and operate with Integrity in all you work under the profession of Private Investigator and Security Professional. and (2) you acknowledge you have never been charged, indicted, arrested or convicted of any criminal offenses of any nature.

Complete and Scan/Email to:
or Fax to: 304-599-6853
or Mail To: PISPWV Secretary, PO Box 11236, Charleston, WV 25339
Consideration of Membership requires a (1) completed application, (2) appropriate fee and (3) approval of membership committee (monthly). Once all three completed, please allow 30 days for information to be posted to

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Membership Options

Licensed Individuals and Firms

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Full membership with voting rights and company/service listing

Employee Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Full membership with voting rights and individual listing

Associate Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Nonvoting membership with partial listing