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COVID 19 Response


Changes to Training and Business Meeting

To protect our members and out of an abundance of caution our 2nd Quarterly training and business meeting (May 16, 2020) was held virtually.  Our 3rd Quarterly meeting, Saturday, August 15, 2020 will also be a virtual meeting (NOT IN Person).  The 4th Quarter meeting status will be provided at a later date.  These provisions are being made for the safety of our members and trainers.  Stay safe.  Thank you first line workers who are serving - we appreciate your service.

About Us


Mission Statement

Private Investigators and Security Professionals of West Virginia strive  to improve the level of professionalism and integrity by sponsoring  legislation, encouraging networking, cooperation and mutual assistance  among members, and providing continuous training and education for our  membership.


About the Organization

Private Investigation and Security Professionals of West Virginia was  founded in 1993 and is the oldest continuing organization association of its kind in  West Virginia. Our mission is to improve the level of professionalism  and integrity by sponsoring legislation, encouraging networking,  cooperation and mutual assistance among members, and providing  continuous training and education for our membership, serving to enhance  the capabilities of the Private Investigators and Security  Professionals in our organization. 


About Members

Private Investigator and Security Professionals of West Virginia members meet Quarterly and at training conferences.  Our members abide by a Code of Conduct incorporating integrity, service, and honor.  We go above and beyond to lead the industry and set new standard of professionalism.

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Professionalism Above All


P.O. Box 11236, Charleston, West Virginia, United States

Code of Conduct

I regard myself as a proud member of an important and honorable  profession. "Honor" and "Responsibility" are words which hold a special  meaning for me. I must seek knowledge and skills related to my chosen  profession. My official conduct will be above reproach, stressing  honesty and sincerity. I am obligated to serve my clients loyally, and  to perform my services without personal prejudices. I pledge to give  earnest effort and best thought to the performance of my duties. I will  conduct all matters in a diligent and thorough manner, in accordance  with all local, state, and federal laws, and with due respect for the  rights and privacy of those involved. I will protect the confidentiality  of my investigations, pursuant to WV Code §30-18-8. I will respect my  fellow investigators/security professionals as I do myself. I promise to  defend my fellow investigators'/security professionals' honor and lives  as I would my own. On my honor, I pledge to abide by the above Code of  Conduct.