4th Quarter Meeting Oct 26th, 2019 at West Virginia University.

Board Members



Position: President


Lisa Turley


Years of experience: 25+
Position: Secretary

Mrs. Turley is the owner of Legal  Investigative Services.  She provides civil litigation support to  attorneys and legal professionals specializing in investigations, legal  process, research and acquisition, and surveillance.

The Secretary shall notify the membership of the time and place of all meetings; take the minutes of all business meetings; handle correspondence on behalf of the association; keep an active register of membership, showing the members' names and addresses; publish and distribute the newsletter upon timely submission from the contributors, and perform all of the duties ordinarily incidental to the

office of Secretary.

Diane Lewis


Years of experience: 25+
Position: Treasurer
As  the founder of Action Facility Management, Inc. Licensed in eight  states Ms. Lewis provides security service to federal and commercial clients.  Ms. Lewis was awarded WV Small Business Person of the Year. 

The treasurer shall handle all financial affairs of the association; collect the dues voted by the membership or the Board of Divisional Vice-Presidents; keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate register of all members, showing their current dues


William F. Gross


Years of experience: 34+
Position: VP Investigation

Mr. Gross is retired U.S. Army Military  Police. He holds an MS in Cybersecurity and MBA degrees, along with  several technology certifications including CISSP. Mr. Gross is a  licensed electrician, low voltage/fire alarm. He owns an investigation  and security company that installs and maintains video surveillance and  alarm equipment.

Tom Gorgone


Years of experience: 35+
Position: VP Training

Mr. Gorgone started as an arson  investigator in the fire department, through a career in LE and into the  security and investigation profession.  He owns Forensic Security &  Investigations, is the only Board certified criminal defense  investigator in WV and an Arson Investigator certified by the State Fire  Marshal's office.  

Chris Signorelli


Years of experience: 5+
Position: VP Security
Mr. Signorelli is President/CEO of  Security America.  Experienced in Administration and Operations and  field support for security operations.

Backbone of the Association

Vice Presidents shall be responsible for the functioning of the standing committees and provide input in his/her area of expertise.

The Board of Divisional Vice-Presidents shall have general control of all matters relevant to

the Private Investigators & Security Professionals of West Virginia with full power to act therein. The

President shall have an independent vote only in the event of a tie vote or a refusal to vote.

In addition to their regular duties, the Divisional Vice-Presidents shall serve as the grievance, ethics, and disciplinary committees.